6 Secrets to Building Six Packs

You’ve probably heard a lot about a six-pack. And, if you’re like me, you’ve probably tried to work those six-packs into your routine. But all too often, those extra minutes in the gym just don’t result in the muscle tone that we crave.


The truth is that you’re most likely doing things all wrong. So here are 6 secrets to building six-packs.  Here are six secrets you should know about building 6 packs

1. Eat Right

You must have heard that abs are made in the kitchen. That’s why, you need to eat correctly, meaning that you need to be eating meals that are full of protein every meal. It’s no secret that protein is the building block for muscles.

You can’t build six packs if your body doesn’t have enough proteins to build it out of. Remember: Garbage in, Garbage out. The more junk you put into your body, the more junky your body becomes. Eat the right food, the with the right macronutrients, and you’re definitely gonna get that six-pack.

2. Try New Workouts

Sometimes you’ll need to get creative. Don’t be afraid to try new stuff. You never know what might work until you try it, so use your imagination and come up with some new ways to work out your six-pack.

And remember kids–the only way you’re going to get an awesome beach body is if you find a workout that fits into your schedule! You can keep the same workout routine day in and day out, but that’s not really effective for building beach bodies.

3. Lift Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights is the key to getting that six-pack you want. It’s also a great way to get rid of excess fat, and it can help you develop your upper body muscles. If you’re not sure how many pounds to lift, start out with a weight that feels comfortable, and then work your way up.

The last thing you want is an injury because you tried too hard too soon. Pace yourself, bro – you’ll get there in time. Just enjoy the process for what it is.

4. Ban Junk Food

If there’s one thing that’s going to keep your body from looking like it should, it’s junk food.  You need protein and fiber if you want to be in good shape, and that means eliminating fast food from your diet altogether. If you don’t get rid of those potato chips and soda pop, and don’t even think about getting a six-pack.

When it comes to getting a six-pack, a lot of sacrifices have to be made. These foods that add nothing to your body, except for immediate gratification, should be eliminated at the soonest possible opportunity.

5. Workout Regularly

There are a lot of people out there who make the workout a chore, but if you want to get results, you need to make it a habit. Workout for an hour a day, every day if needed. It’s important to remember that working out doesn’t mean that you’ll get 6 pack abs, but it’s definitely not going to hurt your chances!

If you go back to eating like crap again after you’ve gotten in shape, you’ll be in your old shape again. And nobody wants that, at least not for very long. Make sure you stick to your workout regimens and make it a habit to leave some time for working out at least 5 times a week.

6. Have Patience

Putting on muscle takes time. If you’re looking to get abs for summer, it’s not going to happen overnight unless you’re willing to spend hours in the gym every day. A six-pack can take up to 6 months to build. That means that if you want abs next summer, you should start working out now! The more time you spend in the gym, the better your chances are of getting rock-hard abs.

You can’t avoid working out if you want your body to be in good shape for summer, so take this advice and work them into your workouts. There’s nothing more important than a six-pack if you’re looking to have a great body this summer, so don’t leave the gym until you have abs that show off your muscles.