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Exercises that cure anxiety and depression

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By Kenyatta Koss

September 21, 2021

It is no doubt that a lot of people are dealing with anxiety and depression.  The COVID-19 pandemic was a rough period that caused a lot of people to have struggles with their mental health.  However, it has helped that notable athletes such as Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka have helped to bring further awareness in recent months.


Certainly, there are many strategies that one can employ mentally in order to deal with these issues.   However, many may not be aware that they are many ideal physical exercises that they can do in order to help combat these issues.  These exercises may be the ultimate form of self-care in this particular scenario.


Yoga is another great option to improve one’s physical health as well as their mental health.  It may be useful for one to do yoga in a group.  It may be especially helpful for one to do this in a group setting with individuals that are dealing with depression and anxiety in their own lives.

The level of oneness and accountability from a yoga group setting may even be more ideal in terms of dealing with anxiety and depression. Doing group yoga also helps you adjust your posture better, as people will be able to point out if you are doing any of the poses wrong. It’s a workout plus a community at the same time!


This is a great alternative as well.  It allows one to be one with nature.  It allows for one to be in a calm and peaceful scene. This scene allows for individuals to destress.   By increasing blood flow to the brain, hiking can improve one’s mood dramatically.

Anxiety and depression can also be dealt with just by taking long walks.  One should create a goal as far as steps are concerned for each day.   Then one should try to increase the amount of steps. While walking, one should intentionally focus their mind on the present. You may take the time in the wilderness as time to reflect on the things that cause you pain, so you can deal with the feelings better.


By learning some fast-paced dances and/or dancing with a partner, one can have a lot of fun.  This can be a healthy distraction.   One can even find more enjoyment by challenging themselves with more sophisticated dance styles and moves.  This is a great way to destress.

No partner? No problem – dancing is fun on your own as well! Pick your favorite pop group and start learning the steps to the dance of your favorite songs. This lets you learn it easier as you already have an affinity with the material.


Cycling is one of the best ways to manage your anxiety and depression. For some, escapism is their answer to their feelings of anxiety and depression, and escaping has never been more fun than when on a bicycle. They are cheap, easy to maintain, and require nothing but your breakfast to be fueled.

If you’re getting bored of your local bike paths or trails, try planning a more extended road trip via bike – go bikepacking! Load up your bike with gear and go explore your state or your country, even. Traveling by bike lets you connect better with the places you visit, and gives you a great excuse to not feel crummy!

Martial Arts

Martial arts are a great way to get your workout fix – both mentally and physically. Not only are martial arts physically grueling, they require you to practice mental fortitude to be able to keep up with the training. This is a good way to keep your depression and anxiety symptoms in check.

A study found that martial arts can have a positive effect on mental health, especially childhood depression and anxiety disorders in adults. Researchers found that martial artists had lower rates of depression than non-martial artists. They also showed lower levels of anxiety than non-martial artists.


Swimming is also one of the best ways to stay in shape. It helps you lose weight, build muscle, get stronger, and increase flexibility. Swimming is easy on your joints and gives you a great cardio workout without putting stress on your knees or hips like running does.

Swimming helps relieve stress by taking your mind off of whatever stressful situation you may be dealing with at that time by focusing solely on your technique instead of worrying about what’s going on around you or how others perceive you based on how they look at themselves.


If you’re struggling with mental health issues, running can be a great way to get in shape and feel good about yourself. It’s an easy way to improve your mental health, and it’s also a great way to stay active and healthy.

It’s important not to overdo it when it comes to running, though. If you find yourself feeling anxious or depressed while running, make sure that you’re taking breaks throughout the day so that you don’t burn out mentally or physically.


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