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How to Stay Fit Throughout the Year

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By Cielo Borer

September 20, 2021

It should be no surprise to you that staying fit and looking good is one of the most important things in your life. But what you might not know is that staying fit has a lot to do with living a healthy lifestyle.


It’s not just about workouts and keeping your diet properly — it also has to do with how you think about yourself, even if you’re never going to become a fitness pro. Listed below are six habits that can help you stay lean, tight, and proud.

Don’t deprive yourself

Your body will resist weight loss just as much as it would resist weight gain. If you deprive yourself of the foods you need, no matter how much you want to shed those extra pounds, your body will make it as difficult as possible for you.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll probably be tempted to go on a starvation diet. But the truth is that the number of calories you eat affects how much energy your body burns. And if you don’t burn enough calories, your body will go into survival mode and prevent you from losing weight by burning less energy. Hence, instead of depriving yourself of food and starving, eat the right foods in the right amounts.

Eliminate stress

Stress can be a huge contributor to weight gain. It’s not just what you eat when you’re stressed, but also what else eating does to your body under stress — your body releases a hormone called cortisol that encourages fat storage and suppresses metabolism.

It also lowers the levels of leptin which is a hormone that helps suppress hunger pangs. Stress can also increase food cravings because it puts your body in survival mode which triggers cravings for comfort foods such as carbs and sweets.

Take control of your food

A good way to avoid hunger pangs is to pack your own lunch. When you eat out, you’re not in control of what goes into your food so taking charge of your meals will ensure that you don’t overeat or accidentally consume bad foods. If you’re indulging in foods that contain a bunch of calories and fat but don’t provide you with any nutritional value, then your body will store those calories as fat.

On the flip side, sugary and starchy foods like white bread (which puts a significant amount of extra sugar and starch into your body), white rice (which promotes insulin spikes), and candy will not only cause cravings but also reduce your ability to burn those calories as energy.

Work out Regularly

Every time you go to the gym, you’re pushing your body to burn more calories. And the longer you’re away from the gym, the more your body will require extra effort to get it back in shape. But if you exercise regularly throughout the week, your body will be ready for whatever fitness session comes your way.

Studies have shown that doing regular exercise reduces fatigue and boosts mood (which is why exercising can be an effective stress reliever). It also helps reduce cravings because it increases dopamine levels in your brain which makes you feel happy, energetic, and positive.


The key to a healthy lifestyle is a mindset that embraces a healthy lifestyle with consistency. Embrace each aspect of living healthily and don’t be surprised if you start slimming down without forcing it.  Maintain discipline and stick to the program – you’ll be okay!


The key to staying fit is consistency, so try and carve out a particular chunk of your day devoted to staying fit. And remember – a lot of it is exercise, but even more of it depends on your ability to keep control of what you put in!


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