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The Secrets to a Healthy Lifestyle for Athletes: Lessons from the Pros

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By Uriel O'Reilly

April 27, 2023

Living a healthy lifestyle is essential for athletes at all levels, from youth sports to the professional ranks. In this article, we will explore the secrets to a healthy lifestyle for athletes, drawing on insights from top coaches, trainers, and athletes themselves.


Teamwork and Leadership: The Dallas Cowboys’ Approach

Aden Durde, a defensive line coach with the Dallas Cowboys, credits teamwork and the leadership of defensive coordinator Dan Quinn for the success of the team’s defensive unit. Durde, who began his football career playing in London for the Olympians and Scottish Claymores, emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle for athletes, including proper nutrition, hydration, and rest. Despite the extreme temperatures in Texas, the team still trains outside, demonstrating their commitment to physical fitness and mental toughness.

Longevity and Health: Lessons from an Olympian

Felix Fructuoso Sienra Castellanos, the oldest living Olympian until his passing at the age of 107, shared his tips for living a long and healthy life. Sienra’s advice included regular exercise, fresh air, healthy food, and a structured lifestyle. He believed in the importance of both mental and physical health, training his mind by reading daily and engaging in easy weight and stretching exercises several times a week. Sienra’s disciplined approach to health and wellness can serve as an inspiration for athletes of all ages.

Training the Mind and Body: The APEC Approach

Bobby Stroupe, founder and president of the Athlete Performance Enhancement Center (APEC), has been training Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes since he was in grade school. Stroupe believes in the power of positivity and its effects on wiring neurological processes in the brain and body. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration in athlete injury recovery and uses Whoop data in his training to help clients optimize their performance. Stroupe’s approach to training the mind and body can provide valuable insights for athletes looking to improve their overall health and performance.

Overcoming Challenges: Brent Yates’ Journey

Brent Yates, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, faced a mental and physical spiral that threatened his existence before making a comeback. In his memoir, “The Gravity Up – Unlocking Your Potential So No One Can Hold You Down,” Yates shares five tips to help others facing personal and physical challenges. These tips include realizing there is always hope, connecting the mind and body, overcoming feelings of worthlessness, surrounding oneself with positive influences, and giving back to others. Yates’ story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of mental and physical health for athletes and non-athletes alike.


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